Off to an exciting start of the year with a wine trip to the Douro Valley. During 3 days I’ve visited a few wineries, met and discussed with producers and  barrel-tasted some 2015s and 2016s wines. Definitely a promising year ahead with some very good releases in the horizon.

Despite not having much time available on the week schedule, I couldn’t help stopping by Quinta do Noval para matar saudades and taste the most recent Vintage Ports. Noval is already one of the most beautiful properties of the Douro but visiting it while the morning fog hasn’t yet lifted is probably of the most dramatic views you can have in the Douro Valley.


Foggy Douro morning at Quinta do Noval.


‪The origin of the mythical Noval Nacional. Rare ungrafted vines planted (in the late 20s) in a plot untouched by phylloxera.


Ana Carvalho, a Bordeaux-trained enologist currently in charge of PR, Events and Wine Tourism at Quinta do Noval, clearly in love with the Noval Nacional vineyard.


Three (unusually) consecutive high-quality Vintage Ports from Quinta do Noval.

The Wines

  • OMG
    • Quinta do Noval Nacional 2001 (tasted before, 2016 release)
  • Excellent
    • Quinta do Noval Vintage Port 2014 (powerful yet approachable, 2016 release)
  • Very Good
    • Quinta do Noval Vintage Port 2012 (deliciously approachable)
    • Quinta do Noval Vintage Port 2013 (rather silent at the moment)
  • Good
  • Average


Foggy Douro morning covering the vineyards at Quinta do Noval.

2 thoughts on “Visit and Vintage Tasting at Quinta do Noval

    1. Thank you Leeann! The Douro stays mostly like this during the winter. Specially noticeably in the many areas where nature is allowed to do its work.

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