Cadaqués is the type of village that I’m easily attracted to. A fishing port surrounded by small white houses with a kind of charming sunset colours that can make you fall in love at first sight. I was in Cadaqués to eat and eat well. My destination was a restaurant called Compartir.

Compartir is the Spanish word for sharing and that’s exactly what restaurant Compartir is all about. Dishes are specifically designed to be shared and to create conversation at the table. I was explained during lunch that in a table of 4 people a dish will always only include 3 or 5 units in an attempt to get people to discuss and enjoy together the moment of eating. I like it!


Welcome cocktail nicely prepared by the bartender‎. 


Prawn crackers as an amuse-bouche to entertain our mouths while we sipped through the cocktail and got used to the fantastic outdoor terrace of Compartir.


1. Salad of beetroot, fruits and ajoblanco (a popular Spanish cold soup made of crushed almonds and garlic and olive oil). A beautifully composed dish that tasted even better than it looked. A mix of flavours and textures that worked particularly well. One of the best from the lunch.


Compartir was founded by 3 chefs, Mateu Casañas (in the picture), Oriol Castro and Eduard Xatruch. All of which have worked with Ferran Adrià at elBulli, former World’s Best Restaurant, and keep doing so at the elBullifoundation.

With this kind of background you might expect food at Compartir to be highly advanced or even similar to elBulli’s famed cuisine. Not so much. Compartir’s dishes are somewhere between a creative and a traditional cooking cuisine.


2. Tomatoes, watermelon with rose and blood oranges jellies. As fresh as a dish can get.


3. Sardines marinated in horchata (tigernut milk) and truffle. A lot of rich flavours but all well balanced and delicious.


4. Tuna with Mediterranean flavours. A beautiful painting-like presentation in a delicious dish.


5. Anchovies with wild mushrooms, fir tree honey and truffle. One of the best dishes of this meal. I’m not usually a fan of anchovies but the combination with the slim sliced bread here just works.


The wine list at Compartir is managed by Ferran Centelles, the former sommelier at El Bulli. Unfortunately we only got to try 2 quite unexciting wines. Browsing the wine list I could see some excellent wine options to try out. Next time.


6. Honey-flavoured cod fritters. The most delicious traditional cod balls here paired with a honey foam on top. Great combination.


7. Mussels in Béarnaise sauce. Sharing super fresh mussels is never a difficult task.

We also had 2 rice dishes (not pictured) that in my opinion were not at par with the rest of the meal even if they tasted nicely. They seemed a bit more traditional and out of synch with the rest of the dishes. That or I was totally spoiled by the delicious composition of the previous dishes.


8. Magret de canard with oriental flavours. It wasn’t on the initial lunch menu but having seen on the restaurant’s menu I couldn’t resist and ordered it (to share). The thinly sliced duck breast was amazing and I’m glad I tried it. Highly recommended.


9. Liquid chocolate bonbons. They were quite delicious but the other dessert was simply outstanding and easily outshined the otherwise addictive chocolate bonbons. 


9. Cheesecake and cherry ice cream. The grand finale. A sublimely deconstructed cheesecake. To be honest I had 2 of these. Full Indulgence!

Overall a fantastic food experience in an unassuming restaurant conveniently located in one of the most beautiful fishing ports of Costa Brava. I wish Compartir was closer to home so I could regularly share some of these great meals, of course keeping the cheesecakes all to myself.

Location, Contact & More:
Address: Riera Sant Vicenç, s/n, 17488 Cadaqués, Girona, Spain (Google Maps)
Phone: +34 972 25 84 82
Where to Stay:
1) Hotel Llane Petit – A nice *** with a great bay view (I stayed there).
2) Compartir Apartments – just above the restaurant.
Visit around:
1) House-museum was Salvador Dalí’s in Portlligat (5 min drive).
2) Coll de Roses Winery and Wine Museum (25 min drive)

I visited Compartir as part of a Food and Wine Bloggers Trip organised by the Costa Brava Tourist Board.

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