Next week I’ll be heading to Brussels to attend WBIS, the Wine Business Innovation Summit. #WBIS is a much-needed conference focused on the business of wine and its integration with innovation, disruptive thinking and new technologies.

During 1 day, wine professionals, bloggers, social media whizzes and business experts will discuss relevant trends and issues of the wine industry. Special attention will be paid to the wine consumer and to what should be done to better meet their needs.

Here’s a video presentation of WBIS

The programme includes 9 seminars on the topics of Business, Communication and Social Media.

I’ll be hosting 2 sessions together with Luiz Alberto:

  • A session on the Potential ROI of catering to a community such as #winelover for wineries or generic organisations.
  • A session on the challenges and opportunities of a Unique Wine Identification & Database Management where I’ll be sharing some of the stories behind AVIN and where the project is going.

The conference will take place on Saturday, January 19th. A few meetups will be organized around the same weekend so WBIS participants can have lots of opportunities to network, meet new people and taste some wine. On Friday, 18th there’s a #winelover hangout, on Saturday, 19th (after the WBIS) there’s the #WBIS Belgian Dinner and finally on Sunday, 20th there’s the Brussels #winelover Hangout.

Looking forward to meet you there. If you’re not coming, follow my posts on Twitter and Facebook.

3 thoughts on “Heading to WBIS in Brussels

  1. Have a great trip Andre and if you make your AVIN presentation public, let me know. I’m interested.

    Agenda is a bit ROI crazy from a N.A. point of view. One of my New Year’s resolution is never to participate in any conversation that uses social and ROI in the same phrase.

    Safe travels!

    1. Thanks Arnold. Will make the AVIN presentation public if I make one (not sure it’s just a panel).

      In an Europe where crisis is a the main topic on the agenda, ROI seems like a natural fit. Still I’m sure we won’t reach a final answer on this as there just isn’t one.

      1. Interesting.

        I have clients in Europe and honestly there are certainly cultural differences but companies selling goods or building social nets think about it more similarly than not.

        In the European wine world, or at least in the wine world as WBIS presents it, these ideas of ROI and the belief that scales of influence are indeed part of the world of business are from my opinion presented as something not only difference from the US but different from business in general in Europe as well.

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