I’ll be spending the next few days in Italy, more precisely in Milan and Genoa. After 3 days discovering Milan I’ll head to Genoa to attend TerroirVino 2011 and its side activities including the Vinix Unplugged Unconference, where I’ll be talking about the AVIN.

It will be a pleasure to spend some time with my friend and fellow wine entrepreneur Filippo Ronco. Filippo is the very active founder of TigullioVino.it (one of the top wine and food online resources in Italy) and Vinix (a wine a food social network) and he created TerroirVino as a way to get wine, people and the web together on one same event in Italy.


Every year TerroirVino presents a top selection of winemakers and wines to both consumers and professionals. Wineries are invited to the event and represent the best wines resulting from the choices made over the last few years by TigullioVino’s tasting panel. New exhibitors get invited every year and previous exhibitors get verified for continued quality.

It’s a curated and well organized event that will feature over 1oo wineries and I’m really excited to be attending.

Beautiful panoramic view of Magazzini del Cotone (TerroirVino’s venue) from Genoa’s Ancient Port.

Vinix Unplugged Unconference

One of TerroirVino’s side events is Vinix Unplugged Unconference. VUU is a laid-back, open-to-anyone style of get together where people will do short wine related presentations and discuss them with the audience. It’s sort of a Barcamp (or Vinocamp) but in Italy! I’ll be doing a presentation on the AVIN but I’m also open to talk about Adegga.com and wine online.

There will also be a special tasting with Gaspare Buscemi, a winemaker that favors traditional, natural and “artisanal wines” and a special dinner at Villa Spinola which a cool-sounding Garage Wines Contest. Lots of activities in one exciting event!

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