I’m back to blogging and with a new blog over at andrerib.com!

The last 4 years of my life have been an incredible journey in entrepreneurship, the social web and more specifically in food and wine. I’ve started two companies, Adegga.com and AVIN, which led me to spend most of my time dedicated to the wine industry. Meanwhile I’ve met some amazing people, discovered great wines and amazing wine regions, tasted some great food and traveled to many countries in search of other lovers.

 I’ll be talking about some of the great places I’ve been visiting (like the Douro pictured above).

That said, I’m sure it won’t be a surprise that my new blog will talk a lot more about this new world that I’m now involved in. As always I hope you enjoy my posts, find them interesting and once in a while post your feedback!

4 thoughts on “Back to blogging at andrerib.com

    1. Thanks Ken. My writing is definitely not as professional as yours (I write code better!) but I hope I can put together some nice posts.

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